Thank yous’ and songwriting

First: Thank you to everyone who comes to my shows. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you to my loving and supportive family. An artists life can a bit of a roller coaster ride, but they hank in there with me and it’s appreciated.
TWO: I will be @ THe Eagles 310 in N. Adams sat 2/21 from 8-late. come on down. great people and loads of fun.
A quick touch on song forms.
There are generally recognized 7 (Seven) forms that songs fall in to. That doesn’t mean every song has to, but these are the general guidelines that make a song recognizable and that the human mind can grab onto and associate with. This is a good thing. This means we can write and perform a song and have a real good idea where it fits and who your audience is most likely to be.
Now that being said most writers write two KINDS of songs. The ones for themselves, friends and Family. You know, the one poking fun @ uncle Arnie the time the dog ate his hot dog that no-one but family would get. The other Kind is written for the purposes of exploitation. Exploitation means GETTING PAID. And we like getting paid. Do both, be happy AND have some money.
Next post will outline in more detail the Seven forms.
See Y’All out there :D

Songwriting Pt3 Talent vs Skill

Talent Vs. Skill
The best analogy I can come up with is wild horses. Horses are born to run, and man can they run! They’re beautiful, powerful and full of potential. The question is, Potential for what ? They are born with the natural talent to run. It’s in them, Period. Just like your ability to create, or our emotions. It just is.
What makes the difference between talent and skill?
Skills can be learned. You can use skills to harness your wild horses and shape your creative talents and emotions to do your bidding. A crude example being, A horse can pull 1,000 lbs. IF paired with another horse, They don’t pull 2’000lbs. NO SIR. When trained and harnessed, can pull up to 4,000lbs or more. That’s an exponential increase in output and power. That’s why you hear things like “Find your passion.” Passion and Discipline work as multipliers for you innate talents.
Your passion,emotions and talents are wild until you harness them with skills and discipline.
This doesn’t demean or lessen the creative flow, it make it stronger. This process of self discipline will give your creative juices more places to flow and develop. It can be more creative and ever expanding.
Don’t limit your gifts by riding on talent alone. Don’t cheat yourself and the rest of the world.
Find your talents and train them. Find others who have the same passions. You may find it in books, online, the neighbor or college classes. it could be sports, writing, building or caring for others. Whatever it is, I encourage you to find it and cultivate it.
Be the best you can be.
Wild horses/ emotions can be beautiful, but they can also be destructive. trampling anything in their path and crapping all over with no regard.
After this post we’ll be moving out of the esoteric and into the more concrete realms of the title regarding songwriting.
See Y’All out there. :D

Song writing. Round TWO

Song writing is fun. Writing with another songwriter or artist can be exciting and daunting at the same time. we bring all our hopes and fears, inner demons and outer delights to the table. We try to mold and mesh our thoughts and emotions into an actionable and intelligible design. We share ourselves with another human being, laying bare the thread-work of our being and BLA BLA BLA BLA…………..
It’s all true !!! We do those things and more. But to bring it down to the basics, We share and collaborate. In the process we create. Sharing, understanding, patience and humility are the greatest assets anyone can bring to the table. Some days it’s tough. You can’t string two sentences together to save your life. Other days you’re overflowing with ideas. Just like a marriage you show up anyways. The arts can be treated like a hobby and for some people that works. For an artist who feels this is a way of life, you treat it like a commitment.
I heard a great analogy a few times I will share with you. It’s called the chicken and the pig.
When you eat breakfast, you see the egg and the bacon.
The chicken lays the egg and you eat it. The chicken is involved.
The pig on the other hand, Is commited. No going back
Find a little time to commit. If it’s one hour a week. Do it that one hour a week every week, religiously. If you find mornings work best, take 30 minutes every morning and do it. Write something, read something. watch a related video. Anything relevant. DO IT !!!

I will continue to post on this topic once a week. We will be exploring the many facets of songwriting together.
See Y’All out there

Songwriting and Writers. PT-1

Songwriting is a funny thing. It could be a melody or an idea, or even a personal reason to put to music whatever is moving you. You’ll find slips of paper, receipts, napkins, foggy windows, phone apps or even your own body as places to quickly save the moment of spark. Then you learn there’s more to writing. Stuff like melody, harmonies, Chord structures, lyrical structure, rhyming schemes, furniture, seven forms and on and on. And then you realize you’re really good at coming up hooks or story line or melody or creating a believable scenario or word play, but not all of them. THEN you think, what if I could get somebody to help me.
In walks Co-Writing.
Co-Writing is as implied, writing with another writer. They could be someone who’s interested in the same genres as you or not. Maybe they don’t even play an instrument or a different one. The thing about writing this way is it opens up more possibilities and possibly broader appeal for your works. And let’s be honest, we all want broader appeal. If your thinking you’ll just find an accomplished writer/ artist with hits already to write with, hold your horses. Most of these people have been working with a circle of folks from the ground up already for years. breaking in as an unknown (Newbie) is highly unlikely. Not impossible, just unlikely. So, what to do. FIND people in your area to write and grow with. You may go through many or few people, but done right with a good attitude you create networks of people and you learn. There are organizations that provide training and an ear to hear what your doing and help with suggestions.
In short, start local if you can. take a chance, be open and willing to roll ideas with a new person. You may be surprised.
The next posting will cover the logistics of songwriting. Things you need to know.

North Adams Eagles 310 1/24 (and open mics rant)

I had an incredible night @ The Eagles Tonight. The staff is outstanding and the whole night was pure fun.

Side Note:
Remember Folks, Open Mics are where it’s at. A LOT of times that’s not only how I get gigs, but also how I meet other musicians to work with and work out the bugs and kinks in songwriting and performance. THere are plenty to choose from. Find one that works for you.

Bennington South St. Cafe Tuesdays from 5-8pm
Williamstown Purple Pub Tuesdays 8-11
N.Adams Di’Fazios Tuesday nights
The Brunswick BBQ+grill Cropseyville N.y. the first Wed every month (JAM)
North Adams Eagles Thursdays from 7-10pm
Adams Ale House Sunday evenings
THe fuller Roadhouse N.Y. Sunday nights (JAM)
And more. Manchester, Dover, Troy, Rutland, Brattleboro.
See Y’All Out there :D

Friday @ Madisons

Wowsers. What a great crowd tonight. John And Lacey and Aaron And Mave And Tristin and Brian and Courtney and and and too many to remember and the staff. You all were awesome. I had so much fun. “Till next time.
See Y’All out there. :D

Zedachus Zool Za’Rander

“Sometimes you have to slow down to gain ground.”

New Year / New Plan

So, It’s 2015. Wow ! I thought I’d be so much further along by now.
I do want to say THank You to all the Venues who had me perform for them and all the kind folks who showed and let me know that you enjoy what I do. 2014 was a good year and I’ve learned some and enjoyed most of it. I also want to thank all the open mic. hosts. What you do is vital to the music arena and without you, it would not be the same.

Side notes:
Autumn and I wrote a really nice Christmas Song. (She’s Good.)
Still trying to get this site to do what I tell it to.The Calendar thing is beginning to irritate me.
Still working on recording not crap demos. I’m going to have to move all my recording Equipment to another room and co-opt that space first and quasi sound proof it. I never realized how noisy my house was until I plugged in a decent condenser Mic. LOL.

A final shout out to a few folks who have been great Inspiration and guidance
Autumn Post
John Davis
Tim Blakeney
San Clement
‘Lita Williams
Pat Grey Jr.

Fun Times @ INternet HIGH 11-18-2014 calendar issues

Some of you may have noticed that the CALENDAR feed for my shows is NOT working. I just discovered that google went and CHANGED (Screwed with) stuff and it may be a week or so before the links work again. Never fear, I will post manually the upcoming SHOW DATES for us here and On My fb page with a link hopefully “HERE

See Y’all out there

Changes and Updates 11-18-2014

This website will be undergoing some updates and changes in preparation for upcoming features. Don’t be alarmed if stuff looks a bit “wonky” out of sorts for a while.
See Y’all out There :D