great week

This week was Excellent. Publyk House Ray and Friends event was inspiring and Madisons was a great night of making new friends and having fun and not playing Pantera…LoL Bill. Don’t forget to check the calendar for upcoming shows. I do need to update and put in some new additions. I’ll get to that soon. ;)

Kevins In North Bennington

I have updated the calendar and I am now able to post dates for Kevins. YAY!!
Having loads of fun writing, learning new material and how to use some new gear I picked up. See you out there.


I am Working on a whole new setlist and it’s a barn burner. I’m aiming for February to hit the stage and when it hits, we’re gonna rock this town. I promise that you have have never seen me this live and your going to want to dance your Butt off.

Little update

So, I’ve been a Lot of busy lately, sorry for not posting. Working on changing up the routine and learning new songs. Also been learning about sabotage and dirty tricks, which I never can fathom. I guess I’m just naive or too trusting. I will tell you this. I will not sacrifice my better nature to this beast. If people feel the need for trickery or subterfuge, let them have it. Maybe it’s true that I’m too good natured for this business. If that is true then maybe I’m not the problem. Either way, I’m not quitting. Still got a few things to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to contact me through the “Contact Me” page. I will reply.

Moving Fast

I’ve been taking bookings for the holiday season and private parties. vWhatta BLAST!!! I’m starting to get snug on scheduling so if you want someone to entertain, drop me a line SOON. I am also not beyond recommending someone if I am not able to meet your needs. I Know a slew of very talented musicians and supporting each other is just how we roll.

Busy day

Had a very busy day. I’m having fun trying to balance the becoming a better guitar player, Vocal training, stagecraft, Equipment maintenance, self promotion, learning new covers and then trying to write my originals and improve upon that process. I can’t quit any one of these and I wouldn’t want to. I love this process and the challenges it brings. I’m beginning to think I may be a Lil’ bit touched in the head, in a fun way. LOL. Played three open Mics tonight and what a blast. writing session tomorrow and then two more open mics and then a gig Thursday evening @ the Publyk house. A speeding stone gathers no dust…..or something like that.

Madisons This Friday 7-10pm

THis Friday 7-10 pm @ Madisons. I picked up a few new covers and some new originals I think you’ll like. Hope to see you there. Does anyone remember Jackson Browne?

TONY @ E-enable

Wanted to give a shout out to Tony @ E-enable for fixing the picture section of the site. Now you can enlarge and scroll through pictures. YAYY!! And a Thank you to those who helped identify the issues. input and feedback are vital and I appreciate it.


Had a very nice time with new friends last nite. I had the opportunity to play a house party. An intimate and very rewarding experience. A special thank you to Phil and Barb. And for those who follow my song writing, There are a few new songs finished and new ones on the way. Will be excited to see you next time I’m out somewhere…….Or book me for a private party. Just sayin, LOL

Good times

Had a great time tonight @ the Publyk House. Played more than a few originals and the crowd really loved it. Even had dancing kids earlier in the evening. I’ve been slacking getting pictures to update the site. I will get to work on that. I even had A nice couple hire me for Tomorrow night to play at their victory party. How awesome is that?!!