Exciting Calendar updates and More.

Besides Having new calendar updates, I have an Open Mic. Hosting @ THe Purple Pub On Spring st. in Williamstown and I’ll be @ the GarlicFest this year.
On a Side note, I picked up recording software and associated hardware to start recording @ home for demos. Really excited about learning a new aspect of the music world.
THANK YOU to everyone who follows along. It’s great to see y’all and get your input and feedback.


This week

Going to be on the deck @ Mingos in N Adams Thursday Rockin out and then Kevins in N. Bennington Vt. This Friday. See Y’all Out there.

Schedule for upcoming events

Going to be a busy latter half of the month. I’ll be @ the Publyk house On Thursday this week and then Madisons on Friday finishing up @ The Crazy Russian Girls bakery Sat. Afternoon. Then, Next Thursday @ Mingos’ in N.Adams Thursday and Friday @ Kevins In N. Bennington. I’ll also be supporting a few open Mics and attending some friends shows.
On a personal note, I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to start doing home recordings and How. I’m getting requests for the ability to download my Original works and buy CD’s. Having no formal training makes this a daunting task, But I think I can figure it out. (said every Songwriter with a crappy CD ever.LOL)


The Fire Works were Great and My one Hour Set turned into two hours. It was a great night. I met loads of wonderful people and made new friends. I even met old friends and It did my heart good to see family. Can’t wait to see y’all again.

UPDATE: The Willow Park Show

The Willow Park Show IS POSTPONED to This Sunday @ Upper WIllow From 6-7 Pm (Juy 6th) See Y’all There

Kevins sat. The 28th 9pm-”Wicked Late”

Kevins is always a Fun place to be at in North Bennington. Come on down and grab some grub, A little happy in a glass and some live tunes.

Mingos Date Change From Fri(13) to Sat(14) 7Pm

Mingos Event for tonight has been pushed to Sat. The 14th due to rain. I will be out on the deck from 7-10pm This Saturday.

Mingos Bar and Grill w/ a bowling alley

This week will include a first time Performance @ Mingos bar and grill In North Adams from 8-11pm on the Patio. They have a bowling alley Big screen T.V.s and other cool stuff. I will also be Hosting the open mic. @ The Publyk House This Tuesday from 7-9Pm. Saturday I will be @ the Crazy Russian Girls from 12-2 PM, thEy MAKE GREAT SOUPS, SANDWICHES and Pastries in house. see y’all out there.


Desperados in N. Adams was Great. The staff really are great, friendly people. The environment was very fun.
This Saturday I will Be @ the crazy Russian Girls On Main St. from 12-2 pm And then the EagleBridge Inn from 7-10 Pm.
Big Wheels Keep on turnin….. O-O

Busy Busy Update.

I’ll be performing at the EagleBridge Inn in Eaglebridge N.Y. This Saturday. I’ll be starting @ 7pm. Come on over for some vittles, a drink and I will sing you a song. Wrote some new songs. If you ask, I might just play them for you too. :D