First Week Of October

Looks like this week is going to another fun one.
Friday I will be playing for my friends @ the Health care center behind the hospital from 3-4pm
Then I will be Setting up on Main St. to perform for First night In front of Evans from 6:30-8pm
And finish up the night @ Kevins in N. Bennington from 9:30-1am.
Saturday I will be hittin’ it Cafe style @ The Crazy Russian girls from noon to 2
Then later @ Madisons from 7-10pm
THEN, I’m going to take a nap. LOL
See Y’all out there :D

SIDE NOTE: Even you don’t come out to see me, GET OUT. There is a load of talented folks in this area and they’re worth hearing and supporting.

New Show

I will be Performing in the PUB @ the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield Mass. This Friday the 26th from 9-12 Pm. This is my first time there and I’m really looking forward to having a good time, making new friends and seeing Y’all there.
On a side note, I’m having fun learning how to use my new-ish pedal board. It brings whole new dynamics to the show.
I’m also a proud Papa to a talented songwriter who has an incredible way with words and a fun style of playing the guitar.
See y’all out there. :D

Keeping Busy

Finally have the home studio up and running. Quite the learning curve. Big Thank you to Sam Clement for his help and insights.
I was playing at the The Crazy Russian Bakery and someone asked “Where’s your C.D.?” I guess that’s my sign.
Went through my originals and identified 21 songs that are ready to be tracked and mastered. This will be an awesome journey.
See Y’all out there.

New Show.

I will be Performing for the first time in the Pub @ the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield Mass. The 26th from 9-12 Pm This will be a blast, Love playing new places.
In other news, I’m trying to get my head around writing a new series of songs. I’ve been trying to balance my time between learning new cover tunes, learning how to use my home recording equipment and trying to do better at what I currently do. It keeps me a lil preoccupied. LOL. Oh Well. Still having fun and really enjoying seeing y’all out there.

Kevins/ Garlic Fest.

Had a rockin night @ Kevins in North Bennington. The crowd was great and I met some awesome folks from all over the country. Look forward to seeing y’all again. I will be performing @ the GarlicFest Sunday morning from 10-11:30 am. come on by and grab some garlic related paraphernalia and sample the music scene. It’ll be a blast.

BZY Holiday weekend

Well, Here we go. That time of year again. Love it. This Thursday (Tonight) I will be Hosting An OPen Mic. At the Eagles On the Curren highway in N. Adams Mass.from 8-11pm. Then, Sat. From 12-2 I will be laying it down Cafe style @ the Crazy Russian girls on main st. in Bennington. Sat. Night I will be @ Kevins in N. Bennington from 9:30-”wicked Late” and THEN Sunday GARLIC FEST in Old Bennington from 10-11:30.


Did the D.J./ M.C. for the wedding reception. Had a great time. Everyone was wonderful and I teared up a few times. Very fun country themed dance sets with a lot of dancing. It was awesome. And Yes, there was the Macarena. LOL.

Exciting Calendar updates and More.

Besides Having new calendar updates, I have an Open Mic. Hosting @ THe Purple Pub On Spring st. in Williamstown and I’ll be @ the GarlicFest this year.
On a Side note, I picked up recording software and associated hardware to start recording @ home for demos. Really excited about learning a new aspect of the music world.
THANK YOU to everyone who follows along. It’s great to see y’all and get your input and feedback.


This week

Going to be on the deck @ Mingos in N Adams Thursday Rockin out and then Kevins in N. Bennington Vt. This Friday. See Y’all Out there.

Schedule for upcoming events

Going to be a busy latter half of the month. I’ll be @ the Publyk house On Thursday this week and then Madisons on Friday finishing up @ The Crazy Russian Girls bakery Sat. Afternoon. Then, Next Thursday @ Mingos’ in N.Adams Thursday and Friday @ Kevins In N. Bennington. I’ll also be supporting a few open Mics and attending some friends shows.
On a personal note, I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to start doing home recordings and How. I’m getting requests for the ability to download my Original works and buy CD’s. Having no formal training makes this a daunting task, But I think I can figure it out. (said every Songwriter with a crappy CD ever.LOL)